We brought Jaxson home just over two weeks and everything is going great so far! We kept his name as he seemed to respond really well to it. We had a scare the day after we brought him home. He had a severe allergic reaction to something and we ended up at the emergency vet in Orchard Park. We never did find out what caused the reaction but we’re lucky that he ended up being ok! Within a few days of being in our home, his appetite came back and his sweet puppy personality has come out in full force. He loves to play with his toys, to fetch balls or sticks, and run around the yard with our kids. He loves to be outside and had a great time with the kids in the snow at Christmas.

Jaxson and our senior lab, Ebony, adjusted quickly to each other. Ebony is blind, and all he wants to do is play with her. He tries often to engage her to play and she just likes to sleep. The two are funny together, she’s an 85lb lab who walks under him and he walks over her! Jaxson finds our cat fun to chase and the cat finds him interesting but puppy crazy, though the cat comes around often to sniff Jaxson out when he’s sleeping. I see them developing a relationship over time.

Jaxson was very sweet to the couple of family members he met over Christmas at our house. We have started training and Jaxson is doing well with basic commands like sit, stay, heel and go to bed at night.

Overall, we’re very happy with Jaxson and feel very lucky to have found him at NCCR!

Jaxson was adopted in December 2020.